Thursday, June 29, 2006

this just killed me :-))

so i log onto yahoo messenger thinking i will find some pal online...i did...some weird person i dont know buzzes me...did yesterday too, had curious today...seems wants to know asl. now since i'm prone to cerebral blackouts, had no friggin idea what it meant...his stats were 16 m ind :-D politely told him off with scary cooked-up age factor...only to be invited for 'fun'...i say 'what?!!'...reply, hot chat.
the door bangs while i make my exit.

but guffawing all the way. seriously, me, hot chat? always a first for insane curiousity wd have made me linger a lil longer...but didnt. chicken? not.
am not that ennuied too, tho. :-D

have a feeling this undefined object will be around when i login next. :-))

my day looks funnier already. thank you 16 m ind.


qsg said...

Oh oh oh - pinged by a random chatter, huh? cool stuff, man! :)

But, 16 would really be cradle snatching!;-) He he he - keep me posted on the developments at this end... :)

Phoenix said...

qs - naah, just a one-sec guffaw thing, not really into that zone. ;-)

ME said...

next time reply: 100, not specified, timbuktoo:D

qsg said...

where art thou?

Phoenix said...

me - :-D i did try to spook the object off with '85, no, 90', wasnt very successful...and kinda kicked that i don't really sound that ancient. anyway, its old hat already...till the next event.

qs - am here. mundane stuff choked my blogging instinct :-)

Anonymous said...

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