Tuesday, July 22, 2008


my dad's missing all the action today...the great democratic circus that's being played out to a full gallery...the confidence motion that will decide if the government stays, to push the N-deal. every humble MP counts, however dubious he may be. accusations of horse-trading, ministerial berths being used as bait, and such flying around.

Dad would have relished this political melee and we would be discussing all the twists, turns and cul-de-sacs that have shown up...he was for the deal, as am I.

If it goes through, I will smile for him...not that the deal's a rosy one all through, but it will prove immensely significant in the country's life-story, hopefully in a positive way.

I miss my friend. :-)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

zilch, still

no, I havent abandoned you, not yet. Just don't have anything to say.

maybe its because my real life makes me write so much, lately...could be.

or maybe its because life is the same, as usual though each day has its ups and downs...its not even boring enough to elicit a post.

but I havent abandoned you. no. not yet.