Saturday, March 28, 2009

remembering you fondly...

as you languish. life's crowded. no time to air my thoughts, that mad jumble, that ever-changing mercurial mass...have I changed? yes...I am resolute in living each second...not knowing where the next shall take me. curious as to how much more of the role's left...but not enough to stop and take stock.

ah, to fly...take wing and do cartwheels or just stay suspended in the heights...light and airy.

people often tell me to there a book inside of me? maybe? but do I want to write? or am I being true to myself by denying the letting them be in my sub-subconscious.

music - i have music in me...but I am not into it anymore.

pictures - I continue to spot frames and moments that could be captured. but I let them fade out in my mind's lens.

I am creative...without creating much. I am true to myself, this much I know.

if the self changes someday, I will follow.