Thursday, July 06, 2006

'leaving on a jet plane, don't know when i'll be back again'...trite but fits the occasion.

so in another day, the pages will flutter, and a new chapter will be laid bare. hope its a fun happy colorful one...

let the games begin.

mixed feelings. feeling kinda adventurous...

not sure when I can resume my visits here...seems like a long time till then, right now...but who knows...

will miss you, crazy lil blog...maybe know me. so caught up in the moment and its paraphernalia that everything else is blanked out. i am the world, how can it exist when i am not around? :-D

wish me luck...and to any and all good folks who care to visit, peace and keep your nose clean.

hmm, i might try and squeeze in another peek before its time to leave...

'muss es sein? es muss sein!'

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

so, yes.
say something. words. saw my name in print yesterday. lost in a sea of text in a huge glossy. 150 words and a name. funny sweet to think that some random stranger in a flight to somewhere, or while waiting for someone something, for godot, idle, will/might casually browse thru and it might leave a smudge somewhere. silly happy.

i visit you i might not for some days. bhadaas nikaal-ing.

cells, mind, mood mutating. the tramp refuses to budge.

wish i cd think of something clever to say. my epiphanies usually drop in when i'm in the the time i'm decent and dry, they've hotfooted it out.


dull, i shall be, today.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

filling up the white

i must respect myself, else the others will not be in a tearing hurry to do so.

the Self remains proud and aloof, inscrutable and untouched. perched coldly on the highest cragface, the eyrie leagues below.

the not knowing keeps the show going.

i must don new masks, slip into new roles, bang my head on walls, be cornered, get bloody and messy. i must reach out to strangers. i must smile and be sarcastic.

i must get over it not raining.

i must stop this BS.