Thursday, October 25, 2007

a song

there's this ooold song by Lobo (thanks much for the correction, methodactor!)that goes 'I love you too much to ever start liking you, so lets just let the story kinda end....'

funny thing is I know quite some people who've drifted apart and some of the halves feel exactly this way. love and like are two different can morph into love...but can love morph into like? I guess it depends on the kind of person you are. Me? Not been there yet. but if I could hazard a guess, maybe not or yes, maybe...

Amore involves a more fatal chemical reaction that sort of glosses over the details....going back to 'like', would mean pulling it down a notch, going back to the drawing board and actually staring at the warts and moles and irritating tics...makes sense absolutely.

Love must end, go up in flames, vaporise, crash as love for some, a grand passion, if you will...that cannot be cooled down to a mild like. But there are cases of the other halves that still try to be friends, maintain a like, a bond, a connection, something to keep it alive.

Apart from just a single case of it being a man thing (personally vouched for), its mostly women who feel that strongly...since they plumb the depths and soar the heights on this magic carpet...and once the ride ends, want to see nothing of the carpet or the mess hiding under it.


Friday, October 19, 2007


this one's too good. pretty identifiable for moms everywhere...and things almost everyone's heard as a kid too. :-D

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

idle notes to myself

wouldnt it be great if there was a place, a zone, a moment, where one could be nothing. totally empty oneself of all the baggage, weight, commitments, faces, relationships and just be nothing. the virtual world, once mooted as an option, isnt really as detached, I find...there are repeat relationships, ephemeral roots, connections and stories...what I mean is maybe a booth, a spot on the beach, under the shade of some tree, in the middle of a downpour/storm, when one can be washed clean of everything...and float and soar and dive and do cartwheels...if only for a moment...the length of the moment, not defined...where nothing is defined...just an eternal feeling of unbeing, nothingness...when I can be what I really am...the spirit, the flame set free. A teaser of what awaits, maybe, once the fat lady sings.

pure detachment, is rarely tasted.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


the promos of the media-annointed 'hugely anticipated', 'clash of the titans' blah blah releases round the corner leave me stone cold, nay yawning my cranium off.

saawariya seems like another OTT, too much window dressing, fare from bhansali...he visualizes each of his frame as a painting and thats all it is...a beautiful but oh so boring painting...with the curl of hair, the zulf, just so...the cuteyoung boy and the damsel, the oh-so-prettydull gestures...all screams BORING.

Another huge bore-fest seems to be laaga chunari mein....i dont know abt the rest of the public, but the title track is so insipid and ghaseeta...nothing exciting abt the lead actors or the story either...the songs are dull.period.

om shanti om, retro on steroids, another mediocre time-pass, with the return of shah rukh khan's ham-ganger...yikes.

but hey, what do I know, yes? all 3 might make hay at the haloed BO which runs on the tried and tested, the formulaic algorithms.....

what seems interesting: no smoking, johnny gadaar, manorama 6 feet under...and bhool bhulaiya, tho I have seen the original malayalam movie more than once, which is an ace. akshay kumar sure is having fun, evolving...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I'm SO in the mood for

a well-made

creature flick/disaster movie/sci-fi horror


best of all

an unadulterated spine-chilling, nightmare-producing, should-have-thought-better

*Horror* flick.


Monday, October 01, 2007


I never learn, do I? or maybe its just my true self...jumping all over the place and just a bit puzzled with the backfiring...I realize at some level, that though these shots come out duds, I am doing what my self purely thinks is that moment, in that situation....maybe self-absorbed to the point of not gauging or actually, really giving a cupcake as to what the response will be, in that moment. I am my world, yes.

like a stubborn lil optimistic to the point of nausea pup who refuses to be or rather has no time to be cynical and or the cynical, knows the world through and through sardonic feline, leaps and lands on her feet...important, the last bit. cat on a hot tin roof, apt. A fave movie, btw...

I will do it again I know, goof-up, reach out and put both my feet in. take it on the chin, eat the dust and then rise, without a speck.

Testing my own limits, stretching the elastic, going down down down, plumbing the depths and soaring the next instant. the trajectory is not fixed, though some of the streets and alleys look familiar.

Its fun being me... ;-)