Monday, July 30, 2007

guten tag, Tag...

Nee's tag about what gets the self-righteous b**** in me. I am a pretty much laidback they-all-have-their-screwed-reasons kind of a person... but yes, there would be certain elements that would invite my sardonic wit and progressively, saliva-laden shake-like-a-demented-jelly wrath.

1. insular, parochial, prejudiced people who just can't seem to see beyond their community/traditions/state/race/genetic pool. people who are in denial of the fact that we are pretty much the same species (except for the unicellular amoebic group, to which these can easily lay claim to), the same bunch of organs and orifices under the peeling plaster. the world's shrinking and an important step towards human evolution version 9.0 is crawling out of our rocks and living like a family on this watery planet.

2. pseudo seculars, the type that particularly infests our country. I respect other religions the way I do mine (tho I treat mine more as a philosophical reference), no more no less. I will not let someone attack a religion just because its convenient and safer to do so.
faith is but the hope that keeps all living species going. the world over, political correctness has assumed epidemic-like proportions, which does not bode well for individuality.

3. the people who say they hate or love a celeb becos everyone else does / refuse to read books that fall into what they have been told or have imbibed is the lowbrow shelf. I admire and cherish the original, an almost extinct concept.

4. and finally...people who think karan johar and his group of faves is the best thing to happen to Hindi cinema.

I tag: QSG and CCC....this shd be good. :-D

Monday, July 23, 2007

random ~ tag

QSG tag. 5 random facts about me.

1. Am wearing pink jammies with cows, MOUUUOOOU, MILK on them.

2. Just pulled out a handful of hair while playing with whats left of them.

3. Am sick of and yet sickeningly numbed by the daily dose of child rape, murders, female foeticide, road rage gore and front page stuff in general.

4. Am rather concerned with the bloody rains just totally incredibly skipping my part of Delhi, despite the seductive clouds just looming all over since morn, doing ZILCH. I mean WTF does it mean?!

5. I suck at nurturing any kind of long termish relation things, the glue's missing, but am a fun friend while I am one.

So there it is. Just like that.

Now to tag 5...
Nee, CCC, Laila and Rain - only if they want to. The fifth element, can be anyone...honestly.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

not just words

bizarre, somebody was just telling me off today for not giving captions to the pics I had shared.


my cook made me think today.

she regrets not having studied. given how sharp, strong and sassy she is, she would have soared heights if she had. I totally agree...around my age, with 4 kids (she married when she was 17 or 18), shes attractive, no-nonsense and pretty egoistic. her hubby's a no-good-bloke, she even lived separately with her kids for some months, in a rented shack to get rid of him and his they are all back together since her brother-in-law who seems to be a good egg, begged, wheedled her to come back and do her thing and save the rent bit.

shes handled a variety of jobs like selling veggies, assisting a tailor and other stuff...thinks she has the business acumen to start her own venture, but knows that not being literate will be a stumbling block. I prodded her to join an adult night school or ask one of her kids to teach her the basics...she seemed reluctant and stated, 'aadhi zindagi aise hi katt gayi' or 'anyway, half my life has been spent thus', which I couldnt but agree with.

As a contemporary, but from a different strata, I can hope to learn a new language, pick up a new skill, push the envelope even a decade from now, but for her, its more important that her kids get to be comfy and good and life goes on. She tells me if it werent for her kids, she would have kicked her hubby connection out of her life. That, though, transcends race, strata and even species - the maternal instinct to hang on and give up and see through for the kids.

But what is sad is that here is a bright mind that knows it can soar but is too grounded in its reality to do anything drastic. I will continue to prod her dormant urge to learn and make something of the next half of this life. Out of her brood, just one of her kids, a daughter, shows a similar desire to learn and expand her horizon. Maybe, its not a wasted case, after all.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

do the to-do

QSG tagged me some time back...fave ads...

since the past is kind of a blurry blob to me right now, I will try and grasp at any visions that get conjured up...hmm...lets see...just off the top of my bean, the Brit 'I'm Gorgeous' for some healthfood/snack, the old jab mein chhota ladka tha Bajaj ad, the can-you-hear-me-now Verizon, the Amul Taste-of-India, and quite some more that I am absolutely sure I have let fall through the enormous cracks in my cranium.

maybe I shd update this list when I'm really not so foggy and incredibly inert!

Monday, July 09, 2007