Monday, July 30, 2007

guten tag, Tag...

Nee's tag about what gets the self-righteous b**** in me. I am a pretty much laidback they-all-have-their-screwed-reasons kind of a person... but yes, there would be certain elements that would invite my sardonic wit and progressively, saliva-laden shake-like-a-demented-jelly wrath.

1. insular, parochial, prejudiced people who just can't seem to see beyond their community/traditions/state/race/genetic pool. people who are in denial of the fact that we are pretty much the same species (except for the unicellular amoebic group, to which these can easily lay claim to), the same bunch of organs and orifices under the peeling plaster. the world's shrinking and an important step towards human evolution version 9.0 is crawling out of our rocks and living like a family on this watery planet.

2. pseudo seculars, the type that particularly infests our country. I respect other religions the way I do mine (tho I treat mine more as a philosophical reference), no more no less. I will not let someone attack a religion just because its convenient and safer to do so.
faith is but the hope that keeps all living species going. the world over, political correctness has assumed epidemic-like proportions, which does not bode well for individuality.

3. the people who say they hate or love a celeb becos everyone else does / refuse to read books that fall into what they have been told or have imbibed is the lowbrow shelf. I admire and cherish the original, an almost extinct concept.

4. and finally...people who think karan johar and his group of faves is the best thing to happen to Hindi cinema.

I tag: QSG and CCC....this shd be good. :-D


Cute Chunky Chick said...

Touché! Call me a shameless copycat but #s 1 and 2 are peeves after my own heart. Also:

a) Our alarming lack of cultural and civic sense as Indians - we litter, deface, spit, etc etc (yes, I will spare you!) everywhere like true piggies and yet claim to venerate our ancient and vastly superior heritage! WTF?!!

b) People who shamelessly cut queques without as much as a by your leave. I ALWAYS elbow them back with a withering and very dirty glare ;)

c) Foxes with screeching, screaming little horrors (children?), who smile or cluck indulgently, refuse to rein them in, and subject the hapless public to their crazed spawn.

d) People who don't respect other people's personal space or privacy!

e) Body odour, especially the kind masked with cheap deodorant sprays -- with all the delish smelling soaps and shower gels out there, there's really no excuse!

YOU, I love :)

Phoenix said...

totally agree with all of the above, cutes! 1 and 2 are now so much a part of our collective ethos, sadly, I wonder why they just didnt pop up and beg to be mentioned on my list.

ditto back the lurve, gurrl! :-)

Neihal said...

after reading all I can say is you have no reason to hate me :P

Nee said...

Oh gosh, I am so with you on each - that's four more for my already large list. Man! To think I've always prided myself on being non-judgmental.

Thanks for doing the tag, sweetheart!

Phoenix said...

neihal, how could I, ever?! good to see you around after ages! :-)

Nee, glad you approve, chica! :-D scratch the surface and we're all boiling with angst underneath.