Monday, March 17, 2008

milestone revisited

drown the silence in laughter, chatter, noise, to-dos, trivia. open the door to the crowd. do as life bids. change, evolve. try not to dwell on the little red box in a corner, always there. A pointer, a sign that change is inevitable. dont take life lightly. dont take life seriously. the doppelganger, well, that's another story.
end of Part 2 of this story and the ending is still so fresh. Time. The greatest force ever. This is but a second in eternity though the days seem to have feet of lead sometimes.
In moments of solitude, yes, think, wonder, shout silently, analyse, reflect, heavy, numb, bemused, incredulous, lost, strong.

I had an antipathy to wearing green. this year i wore green once. still not a favourite. white's a colour I am seriously not into. It washes me out, still not an option.