Thursday, October 27, 2005

Spew some...

What do i write about? All that has to be written about has been written already. All the stories, the opinions, the diatribes, the eulogies, the paeans, the flame mails. All permutation combinations gone through. The physical world and its stepsibling, cyberspace is full of noise, babble, words. Everyone has an opinion, a tale to tell. Some win the Booker, some grab all the eyeballs. Some like me cower in my blog-hole and vent some more static, hoping someone will notice and consume and regurgitate anew.
The problem is not nothingness, its the reverse. So much to tell that has been told already, leaving me numb and frustrated. The great collective unconscious. The world vomiting the ideas, the labels, the tales, the concepts it has not been able to digest. These in turn coming back,timelessly, in new packages, or worse, in old. Regurgitation. Goodness, evil, happiness, sadness, avarice are as old as human consciousness. These remain the driving force of all the chaos that is played out on the world's stage. Nature watches, amused, or worse, indifferent.
The same stories, the same audience, you and I. We too return through the ages. Nature vomiting, recycling her innards. What do i write about. What is there to write about?