Monday, February 26, 2007

there we go again!

funny how so much fuss is made about what is essentially an artificial contrived concept, religion.

all the paths, books, icons, leaders, idols, rituals transmogrifying from a basic need to believe in something.

something to redeem this existence. to fill the void. finding excuses to live through the time allotted.


I keep telling him that if we are not alone and are part of a larger intelligent living cosmos, we must be the failed experiment, the rejects, the outcasts...given the inherent flaw in us which causes us to destroy what we must preserve, given our inability to see that we are one species in the end...hence the isolation, till now. the better, the superior, the evolved keep their distance.


the oscars happened. couldnt catch it live. didnt miss it though. the same tuxedos, gowns, hair, jewellery, acceptance speeches, tears and gobsmacked looks...whats new.

Friday, February 23, 2007

and life intervened

it was so funny. there I was acting as a sounding board for a friend who needs to pick a new job...the pros and cons of a big corp. and a smaller joint...since I've sampled both worlds, she wanted me to just think aloud as to what I would do.

Go for a smaller set-up which offers more visibility and money and a comfy feeling or a bigger creature with its wider canvas, the feeling of being just another corporate serf/cog and a not-so-bloated salary.

in the middle of the high-falutin BS gyaan I was spouting, I had to go and change a diaper. :-D
we both laffed about it.

Life grounds you. Kids ground you down to size. Your sense of humor funnily enough only gets better with them around. Without it, you are doomed.


some hopeless fan's actually gone to such efforts...nice collage though...and the song's an old fave...a love story indeed :-)

Monday, February 19, 2007

carnage, again

people, innocents, burned alive...some asleep, some waking up to the horror and fighting to get out. taking a train to return home after meeting your relatives - a simple act that climaxed in a carnage.

I wonder what motivates the twisted minds behind such deeds...cannot be religion, cannot be God or any superior power or holy book.

How do they sleep at night, knowing that blood is on their hands. All this to derail a peace process, to make sure they get a piece of the disputed pie...such lengths for a piece of land. What a world we live in.

Of all the species on this watery planet, the only dysfunctional one got the super brains.

All thats left is charred remains, and belongings. Again.


Sunday, February 18, 2007

double whammy!

love this song, heard it after a loong time, and Van G's paintings...!


Friday, February 16, 2007

plumbing the pits

something is really, manically wrong with the portal, rediff.

of late they have been plugging, sucking up to shah rukh khan, carving out a major space for him and his new KBC stuff...everyday is a new paean to this rather mediocre ham of an actor who is, it must be said, a really shrewd media-savvy box-office player. wonder if hes a stakeholder in their parent company or maybe its just pure PR.

thus, they air *exclusive* interviews with him every blessed day...Part 1, 2, 3....with him spouting classic megalomaniacal bytes...enough to make anyone retch except for staunch psychophants. they are also pretty cannily playing up the so-called clash between Bachchan and this guy. For what its worth, with the body of work that Amitabh has notched up over the years, its a no-brainer as far as the art of acting is concerned.

but if it was true and there was a clash between the veteran and the upstart, it would be wise for the latter to atleast take on someone in his league, say Aamir or Ajay...but he can't..he can't brandish anything to support his case, except the old formulaic romantic syrup hes wallowed in, thanks to the Chopras and his bosom pal (?)... and in his early and sadly, better years, the negative roles.

Its pathetic that in the Hindi film industry, the box office is still bloody everything, actors are ranked ala local cattle fair and some of the *superstars* actually start believing their hype.

The real craft of acting, the passion for cinema is lost and trampled over in this stampede for manna and fame. the definition of cinema is slowly getting horribly mutilated.

true actors like naseer, om puri, pankaj kapur, kay kay, bachchan etc and in the commercial lot - ajay devgan, aamir khan, akshaye khanna seem to be happy doing their stuff on the sidelines.

for that matter, the young turks, abhishek and hrithik too seem to be grounded and not given to ego exercises.

the way I see it, srk knows his shelf-life and his limited skill-sets and is doing what he does best - stoke up the media which in turn plays to the gallery of morons who digest all the gas they read/see/hear....eyeballs, TRPs, hits, traffic = money. not cinema. definitely not.

And the portal's comment space...thats just another bizarre place altogether...some are just plain vicious and uneducated, crammed full of prejudices and ignorance.

sordid and pathetic. i used to visit this site often, now its just lost its credibility.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


the not-so-pretty truth!

if I was Cleo, I would have the artist pickled on the spot.

hmm...or maybe, her personality or to put it plainly her SA was so overpowering that it defined history...?

whatever...but in my bean, it will always be imperious Liz...and Richard in that amazing love-story.

'you happened to me'...SIGH.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

life as I call it

will be another year older next month...almost lived half of my life already...looking back and looking around, not bad at all!

this last year specifically I have seen myself really change, get more assertive with myself, absorbing all the energies floating around, working on impulses as usual but in a more canny way. maybe it was because of the circumstances I chose to be in that helped me be more in touch with my inner.

have been clearer in my head about the baggage I really need on this trip...brushed away a few unnecessary strands...

still as short-tempered and silly as before...still ready with a smile and a cheerful word, still open to newness...still not available to anyone.

have enjoyed every bit of the story...more to come, maybe...but henceforth a more structured predictable storyline, I would say, like with anyone else. but I continue to remain attuned to all thats around on a micro and macro level...

so much more to go through and soak up.

Monday, February 12, 2007

'I'm gorgeous!'

love that song in the Weight Watcher's commercial...have to find out more and hear more of it... :-)

such a picker-upper! :-)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

after the snow.

the snow on the 8th was lovely...the worst/heaviest snowfall in a decade it seems...some 7-8 cms in Reading alone...we had fun. :-)


watching Naach in bits...seen it before...remembered liking it for the performances and story, even if the costumes and dances in the song n dance bits were a bit unusual....liked the title song...

realistic treatment of a relationship....dark satirical view of the film industry networking and sucking up is the only way up......both the lead actors are very good...the scene in the car when the guy gets infuriated by her egoistic attitude wonder it bombed at the BO.

sad that apni junta cant swallow any experimentation or unusual takes on life...only the same formulaic candy floss fare from utterly mediocre ppl like karan johar and shah rukh khan....pathetic!

woh subah kabhi toh aayegi!


Want to see Black Friday and Undertrial...gritty and dark....

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


why not? dont see any earth-shattering supernova-creating effects tho...but happy for the newness. :-D

my mood is...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

cutting loose!

finally did something which has been nibbling away inside for some time...was getting dead bored of the same coordinates and the social bits, maybe? needed space to just be myself without scrutiny.

will I do a volte-face, true to my fickle nature? doesnt seem like for now.

I like anonymity and I like change more than anything else...familiarity sickens after some time....

might return after a spell if I get bored of being with myself...

till then, its the underground for me! :-)

Monday, February 05, 2007

while on page 283...

am in the middle of the book...blurb quotes some wise *critic*'the most terrifying thriller you will read all year"...which is what pulled me in...but am nowhere *near* terrified or even revved-up, sadly.

I really hope this wont be one of those lame ones that totally resemble a deflated ego by the end of it...sad and abject. But I'm still on it, hoping to scrounge out some redemptive bits from it. the premise was laughable and infantile but still could have been worked up into a froth in the right hands.

oh well, hope the plot thickens.... or takes shape, more like!


that was fun...all those kiwis in black with their drinks and high spirits behind Big Ben...celebrating their national of us gawking, hoping to catch the 'hakka' which we didnt, sadly....and the promising-to-be-really-colorful crowd scattered by the coppers...which meant we had to walk a looong way to the Tube.


Eklavya looks amazing, shd be good...and what a cast. and the director, VVC himself taking on the mantle after some time...