Saturday, February 10, 2007

after the snow.

the snow on the 8th was lovely...the worst/heaviest snowfall in a decade it seems...some 7-8 cms in Reading alone...we had fun. :-)


watching Naach in bits...seen it before...remembered liking it for the performances and story, even if the costumes and dances in the song n dance bits were a bit unusual....liked the title song...

realistic treatment of a relationship....dark satirical view of the film industry networking and sucking up is the only way up......both the lead actors are very good...the scene in the car when the guy gets infuriated by her egoistic attitude wonder it bombed at the BO.

sad that apni junta cant swallow any experimentation or unusual takes on life...only the same formulaic candy floss fare from utterly mediocre ppl like karan johar and shah rukh khan....pathetic!

woh subah kabhi toh aayegi!


Want to see Black Friday and Undertrial...gritty and dark....


Rio said...

naach...yes the relationship play was interesting to watch...but 3 hrs of antara mali from all angles, however curvaceous, was a bit too much for me! found 'road' more interesting than this one...and yeah, can't wait to watch black friday either!

Sakshi said...

Hi. Came over from Gemini's link.
Had to brag - the music director for the "Naach Naach ke" track is my cousin Shailendra of the Shailendre Swapnil duo.
I will tell him that you liked it:)
The songs do not form a cohesive unit since there are 2 different directors involved - Mohile who got a lot of press and S&S.
I thought that the movie could have been edited to be shorter. But loved the movie. And can't wait to see Black Friday.

Phoenix said...

rio - yes, the camera seemed to not have enough of her assets, as it were!!...but the story was pretty good, I thought too. road was cool too...the last scene where the girl hugs her guy in front of bajpai was a really grey moment, I thought...! :-)

sakshi - thanks for dropping by!
:-) yes, I really liked some of the songs from the movie - do tell your cousin!...pretty much evoked the passion for dance - naach!
the movie wasnt perfect but the story and performances were a refreshing change from the usual formulaic ham routine in bollywood...