Friday, February 23, 2007

and life intervened

it was so funny. there I was acting as a sounding board for a friend who needs to pick a new job...the pros and cons of a big corp. and a smaller joint...since I've sampled both worlds, she wanted me to just think aloud as to what I would do.

Go for a smaller set-up which offers more visibility and money and a comfy feeling or a bigger creature with its wider canvas, the feeling of being just another corporate serf/cog and a not-so-bloated salary.

in the middle of the high-falutin BS gyaan I was spouting, I had to go and change a diaper. :-D
we both laffed about it.

Life grounds you. Kids ground you down to size. Your sense of humor funnily enough only gets better with them around. Without it, you are doomed.


Gems Bond said...

It didn't take my comment - stupid blogger!

BTW - very cute! :)

Phoenix said...

thanks! :-)

this new blogga thing tries my patience too...

Neihal said...


Phoenix said...

neihal, ;-D