Monday, February 05, 2007

while on page 283...

am in the middle of the book...blurb quotes some wise *critic*'the most terrifying thriller you will read all year"...which is what pulled me in...but am nowhere *near* terrified or even revved-up, sadly.

I really hope this wont be one of those lame ones that totally resemble a deflated ego by the end of it...sad and abject. But I'm still on it, hoping to scrounge out some redemptive bits from it. the premise was laughable and infantile but still could have been worked up into a froth in the right hands.

oh well, hope the plot thickens.... or takes shape, more like!


that was fun...all those kiwis in black with their drinks and high spirits behind Big Ben...celebrating their national of us gawking, hoping to catch the 'hakka' which we didnt, sadly....and the promising-to-be-really-colorful crowd scattered by the coppers...which meant we had to walk a looong way to the Tube.


Eklavya looks amazing, shd be good...and what a cast. and the director, VVC himself taking on the mantle after some time...

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