Monday, February 26, 2007

there we go again!

funny how so much fuss is made about what is essentially an artificial contrived concept, religion.

all the paths, books, icons, leaders, idols, rituals transmogrifying from a basic need to believe in something.

something to redeem this existence. to fill the void. finding excuses to live through the time allotted.


I keep telling him that if we are not alone and are part of a larger intelligent living cosmos, we must be the failed experiment, the rejects, the outcasts...given the inherent flaw in us which causes us to destroy what we must preserve, given our inability to see that we are one species in the end...hence the isolation, till now. the better, the superior, the evolved keep their distance.


the oscars happened. couldnt catch it live. didnt miss it though. the same tuxedos, gowns, hair, jewellery, acceptance speeches, tears and gobsmacked looks...whats new.


Ms Burden said...

Hey Phoenix, I'll be bloggin' with less frequency from now on. Most of my classes have started and so this practice will be so difficult to keep up. I feel sad for it... you've got no idea how sad I feel for it!!!

Phoenix said...

aww, that doesnt sound good, laila! :-( ...but hope we can keep in touch in some way!

Rain said...

I agree, Oscars were boring.

Phoenix said...

unless they put some weird spin on it... :-D