Monday, March 17, 2008

milestone revisited

drown the silence in laughter, chatter, noise, to-dos, trivia. open the door to the crowd. do as life bids. change, evolve. try not to dwell on the little red box in a corner, always there. A pointer, a sign that change is inevitable. dont take life lightly. dont take life seriously. the doppelganger, well, that's another story.
end of Part 2 of this story and the ending is still so fresh. Time. The greatest force ever. This is but a second in eternity though the days seem to have feet of lead sometimes.
In moments of solitude, yes, think, wonder, shout silently, analyse, reflect, heavy, numb, bemused, incredulous, lost, strong.

I had an antipathy to wearing green. this year i wore green once. still not a favourite. white's a colour I am seriously not into. It washes me out, still not an option.


ffflaneur said...

oh yes - to do lists & deadlines! ridiculous in fact, in the face of that great force, Time ..

& how are you? dealing with milestones & all?

green , why not. But somehow don't see you as a person wearing blue . How about red ? ;-)

Phoenix said...

oh yes, red, how did you guess, my dear friend! ;-D well, green, for some strange reason, not. black, oh yes.


think i'm dealing with it by not dealing with it consciously. a mixed bag...lesson learnt, philosophical, cynical, going with the flow, persistent and loyal to the superficial while the void gapes at me every moment and will forever. Life, the supreme teacher.

ffflaneur said...

"loyal to the superficial" - a beautiful expression, which could only have been coined by the most un-shallow of minds.

And yes, there's consolation in immersing oneself in the fleeting, superficial trivia of life. Warming oneself at companiable chatter & laughter.

Phoenix said...

...and I am an ace at the loud chatty guffaw cram with trivia scene. :-)

Pratish Menon said...

Hi there, been a while. How's it going?

Phoenix said...

hi Pratish, yes, been a long time, cool of you to drop by! going as usual. :-)