Monday, July 23, 2007

random ~ tag

QSG tag. 5 random facts about me.

1. Am wearing pink jammies with cows, MOUUUOOOU, MILK on them.

2. Just pulled out a handful of hair while playing with whats left of them.

3. Am sick of and yet sickeningly numbed by the daily dose of child rape, murders, female foeticide, road rage gore and front page stuff in general.

4. Am rather concerned with the bloody rains just totally incredibly skipping my part of Delhi, despite the seductive clouds just looming all over since morn, doing ZILCH. I mean WTF does it mean?!

5. I suck at nurturing any kind of long termish relation things, the glue's missing, but am a fun friend while I am one.

So there it is. Just like that.

Now to tag 5...
Nee, CCC, Laila and Rain - only if they want to. The fifth element, can be anyone...honestly.


Cute Chunky Chick said...

My 5 random kosher cents:

I have a neatness fetish that could make Monica Gellar look like sloppy Joanna.

My significant other won my heart after serenading me with the Everly Brothers' 'All I Have to Do Is Dream' in an autorickshaw!

I'm mortally afraid of crossing a busy road by myself, and usually sidle up to the burliest guy I can see.

I love seafood, and Mc Donalds Filet o Fish is a big favourite!

Growing up, I always developed crushes on the nerdiest, smartest guys in high school. Phoenix, does a certain 'Pineapple' come to mind?!

Phoenix said...

you're such a sweetheart for doing the tag, comment-ishtyle! :-)

and yes, i do remember the particular *fruit*...really, well I nevah! :-D

need to know more abt this significant other bit. hmm.

Rebellion said...

Agree with #3 totally :(

Phoenix said...

Just echoed what millions must feel too, Rebellion! :(

Nee said...

Did it... not well,but there you are :-)

We've escaped the flooding so far - Oxford is flooded, Reading is flooded - it's crazy this year...

Phoenix said...

thanks much, sweets!
yes, the floods are terrible...and to think July last year, we were just abt stewing in our own sweat n scorched broth in Reading! :-O

Nee said...

Hey darlin,
It's ur turn - you knew this was coming when I said I had 3 tags waiting, didn't you? :-)


Phoenix said...

hey Nee gurl, I kinda did...awrightie then. :-)