Tuesday, July 17, 2007

do the to-do

QSG tagged me some time back...fave ads...

since the past is kind of a blurry blob to me right now, I will try and grasp at any visions that get conjured up...hmm...lets see...just off the top of my bean, the Brit 'I'm Gorgeous' for some healthfood/snack, the old jab mein chhota ladka tha Bajaj ad, the can-you-hear-me-now Verizon, the Amul Taste-of-India, and quite some more that I am absolutely sure I have let fall through the enormous cracks in my cranium.

maybe I shd update this list when I'm really not so foggy and incredibly inert!


qsg said...

Thanks for doing the tag, girl! I used to totally dig the Bajaj ad! :D

Phoenix said...

Its one of those things that are firmly part of our ethos, amiga, like good ole chitrahaar! :-D