Monday, October 01, 2007


I never learn, do I? or maybe its just my true self...jumping all over the place and just a bit puzzled with the backfiring...I realize at some level, that though these shots come out duds, I am doing what my self purely thinks is that moment, in that situation....maybe self-absorbed to the point of not gauging or actually, really giving a cupcake as to what the response will be, in that moment. I am my world, yes.

like a stubborn lil optimistic to the point of nausea pup who refuses to be or rather has no time to be cynical and or the cynical, knows the world through and through sardonic feline, leaps and lands on her feet...important, the last bit. cat on a hot tin roof, apt. A fave movie, btw...

I will do it again I know, goof-up, reach out and put both my feet in. take it on the chin, eat the dust and then rise, without a speck.

Testing my own limits, stretching the elastic, going down down down, plumbing the depths and soaring the next instant. the trajectory is not fixed, though some of the streets and alleys look familiar.

Its fun being me... ;-)


qsg said...

That's life, girl! :) Bouncing back - what is life without a few challenges???

Phoenix said...

totally, amiga! prefer a moody roller coaster to a predictable escalator anyday... :-D