Tuesday, July 04, 2006

filling up the white

i must respect myself, else the others will not be in a tearing hurry to do so.

the Self remains proud and aloof, inscrutable and untouched. perched coldly on the highest cragface, the eyrie leagues below.

the not knowing keeps the show going.

i must don new masks, slip into new roles, bang my head on walls, be cornered, get bloody and messy. i must reach out to strangers. i must smile and be sarcastic.

i must get over it not raining.

i must stop this BS.


qsg said...

I really really like this post for some reason...really do! :)

Hopefully, the rain Gods will cave in and diversify the rain targets! :)

Phoenix said...

thanks, qs!:-)...i don't know, its just killing me man...the weather is just SO horrible in our parts!!! its like a curse!!

Anonymous said...

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