Saturday, June 24, 2006

the wind's going ballistic outside...hope it whips up a huge frenzy enuff for the rains to enter...its so hot, my hair's getting singed.

dont know how regularly i can visit you bloggie or the other spaces...monday, will see me slipping into another one of my roles...not a horrible thot but just won't be the same. and then it will be time for the move. so i can hope to resume my me-ness here when i'm settled (?) in the new zone.

~ change is a constant.

yes, theres still tomorrow.


qsg said...

Just heard a thunder while on the phone with my mom!
So, is the change final now? Send details...!

Phoenix said...

we had such amazing pre-monsoon showers this morning...was just bliss!!!
yup, almost as good as final.