Wednesday, June 28, 2006

a post

something's wrong with this mouse.

hmm, interesting, all about an elephant.

an old tortoise rumored to be darwin's find died. reminds me of advaitya, the other relic that passed on to the beyond.

the title track of 'golmaal' is funny...the video's corny the deadpan totally into the mood look on the guys...

why the %^576 am i blogging? its neither a habit, nor a social expression nor high art...just one of those things i sampled and return to erratically.

i bore me.

publish post, already.


qsg said...

Now this is one of your best posts - I have such moods so many times - it's not even funny!

Phoenix said...

:-D moods and the female. second skin. thanks!

Anonymous said...

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