Thursday, June 08, 2006

okay, i've been flippantly unfaithful for some time now. the lil book i've been visiting so sporadically, accuses me of cruelty. admitted its not an easy read, but doesnt mean i emulate its weaving-in-and-out style! this blog and others have been eating way too much of my mindspace.

so i shall be faithful once more. will return to you bloggie when i'm done.

i sincerely hope i can keep this pledge, knowing my disposition and my general attitude towards discipline of any sort. the educators from my past can vouch for my anarchic existence.

just a passing thot>

its all in the mind, yes?...excitement, happiness, elation, sorrow, depression, nervousness are all the results of the right buttons being pushed by the bean on top...responding to the appropriate stimuli. clinical but documented. what of the beating thing then? does it just pump in and out. or is this all wrong...we are not just bunches of organs hung to a stick...there is something more to this carbon-based orgnsm?

darling blog, i will return, hopefully after accomplishing what i think i can right now.



qsg said...

Don't go yaar!

laila chris said...

i've been pointed as being arrogant, stupid, and so forth...

what is the truth in the back of those words?

i am not about to give up... especially because of folks like you!!! I am STRONGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phoenix said...

qs. - am here, now. not sure for how long tho! :-)

laila - :-) good to hear that! the words are just that: words, labels, reference points. not important. and definitely not You. cheers!