Thursday, June 01, 2006

a piece of heaven!

...a quick getaway to the hills...a tiny place called dagshai in army cantonement area..a hamlet nestling in the shivalik net, no blog, no calls (tho there was network and i got some missed calls), no tv (the cable was on the fritz)...just nature up close and the entire family (mine).

rambo the quirky dog and his naps and his sudden bursts of adrenalindriving away the hordes of impertinent monkeys that would take over the cottage and raid the food...our trek through the long winding roads with amazing bonding time...the toy train snaking its way in the hills bang opposite...the exotic birds...the old cemetery peopled with the british dead from the 19th century...lots of chai...absolute bliss.

though the drive was pretty exhausting what with the heat and dust...but once we entered 'the' zone, it felt gorgeous. and it rained like a monster just half an hour after we all touched down. nothing to beat some heavy rains in the mountains.

returned to dreary reality. lots of laundry, lots of dust in the house, bills to be paid and other to-dos.

Gosh...i miss that place already.


qsg said...

wow, man. That seems like a great trip - and your writing is poetry in prose! :)
Welcome back, man. Missed you!

Phoenix said...

:-) thanks bud!!

qsg said...


Phoenix said...

ya, quite some...will share soon