Friday, May 26, 2006

i smile laugh easily
nothing matters

i rage easily
a storm inside

i lose interest easily
does it matter

i escape easily
where no one can see

i love easily
the whole world in my embrace

i trip easily
i get back on my feet clumsy and stronger

i lie spreadeagled over the sorrows
they are mine, alone

i hope easily
the blows i take on my chin

i stay true to me


Kusum Rohra said...

This is beautiful :)

qsg said...

@phoenix: This is great, man! :) You have hereby outdone yourself.

BTW, I also stay true to myself, have, the mask is needed but am true to myself! :)

Phoenix said...

kusum - thanks and nice of you to drop in! :-)

qs. - thanks bud! appreciate your kind words...i guess you're right and the mask is part of who you are!

qsg said...

Well you inspired me again! :) Had to write a poem shoem after reading this!!!!

qsg said...

abbey, where u r? no word! also, was one of our friend's birthday...may 30... remembered? just thought will remind you....cheers!

Phoenix said...

hey qs., was away for a bit...don't feel like snapping out of the vacation mode just yet :-) hope you've been good while i was away...

Anonymous said...

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