Tuesday, May 16, 2006

the reason i write this...

years ago, read/heard (forget which) a quote by warren beatty, i think, he must have been quoting someone else,maybe:

"they all have their reasons."

pretty innocuous and not very brilliant wordplay. but it stayed with me.

a compassionate, non-judgemental, deadpan take on the several quirks and foibles that define our human race.

We all have our reasons for everything.

the salmon for swimming against the tide to spawn, die in the process and if they're lucky to survive, become lunch for the waiting grizzly bears;

paris hilton for staying in the news thru totally uncerebral, even unaesthetic means;

sanjay leela for dragging his ma to all the functions, his smirk and unceasing chewing of the gum (or cud?);
karan johar for his smirk too, his yuppie family flicks and his muse (?);

people on flickr who post provocative pictures, have like a zillion contacts and still like to call themselves introverts;

people who churn out asinine serials that i never watch, but hey, some do, i think

the striking students who've faced hunger, the sun, a battery of lathis and water canons;

arjun singh, though i really can't even pretend to understand it;

the terrorist groups who butcher mindlessly;

the young LTTE female soldier whose sole aim is to become a suicide bomber and attain glory;

the women who go under the knife or such to turn back Time, when they're all destined to dust;

people who think motherhood is a drag, and not so-kewl;

finally, i must have reasons for

not pursuing anything single-mindedly, not following through on the various passions i have taken up at different stages of my life, though I am yet to find out what the reason is;

not giving off yes-i'm-really-interested vibes and yet having people confide in me, total strangers too;

not giving off yes-i'm-so-serious vibes to teachers/lecturers in my past, and yet having some of them see through to some spark inside and actually liking me;

not disliking anyone enough to not forgive them. forgetting, well, now thats a different ballgame.

Yes, we all have our reasons. Am glad I got mine for scribbling this post.


qsg said...

Funny you should post this. Only recently, I was saying to myself, "everyone has their reasons, and we won't know why they do what they do until we walk in their shoes." Came to my head because I found out something and reacted in exactly the way someone else had reacted. Interestingly, I had criticized them for it then.

Anyhow, people do what they think is right. What is right is different for different people. Its okay for people to do what they do, until they start to encroach on someone else's space or take someone's life.

Paris Hilton though, has had the last laugh. All the people who thought she was a dumb blonde are now sitting there licking their wounds as she continues to laugh her way to the bank!

Laila said...

PCC (Brazilian Organized Crime Gang) has also got its reasons to riot in most prisons throughout my country and fire people's head on the streets. We just need to be understanding.

Phoenix said...

qs - i guess its easy to say, 'judge ye not, lest ye be judged'...but quite difficult to practice when as you say, ppl start invading your space, thats taking it a bit too far and might call for more extreme measures. Paris continues to defy explanation :-)

laila - again, this is one group of people's reason/calling/mission invading and assaulting the existence of the rest - am not sure simply understanding it will make it disappear. like the terror groups that keep erupting all over the globe, killing thousands of innocents...

Rustoo Hitman said...

Hey, I am from flickr, ok ok we do call oerselves introverts!

Phoenix said...

rustoo - sorry almost missed your visit...ok, then we need to come up with a new genus of introverts :-D not all bad, hunh?!

Rustoo Hitman said...

yup we do need them! thanks for visiting my blog too. i am goin to start proper blogging in some time! keep on vissting. wats your id on flickr?

Phoenix said...

rustoo - yes, you must blog some soon. will check up on you again.
ID on flickr, hmm, you really wannna know?