Wednesday, May 03, 2006


nat geo airs a special on how an english tourist went missing down under, concluding with enough evidence that deadly dingos got him. one man missing, and dead.

here people dying like flies every day. a bus falls into a ravine. terrorists massacre innocents in the name of religion. riots elsewhere claim more lives. if that were not enough to satiate the grim reaper, murders of other flavors abound.
the daily full of missing children and adults, rapes, accidents, murders, burglaries, assaults - not leaving out the gory details, ever.
a niece colludes with her boyfriend and robs her uncle of a hefty amount.
an elder brother shot by the younger, hanging by a ventilator.

a man beheaded in an alien land. a second wife surfaces, for the moolah. the first gulps the toilet cleaner and waiting to die. did she even think about the three lives that would have only her for a parent?

crimes of passion.
the seven sins on a roll.

4 (5?) year old budhiya runs his way into the limca book of records and gets violently sick after. his skinny lil body pushed beyond endurance. the vultures, sorry, cameras zoom into the puke and the disorientation. TRPs.
what kind of a sick mind would push, brainwash this tiny thing to burn records at the cost of his fragile growing body?

beauty and success are inversely proportional to popularity and likeability, that is, if you are a woman, in these neck of the woods. a man changes mates and is considered eligible and hot. a woman does the same, and shes a climber, a schemer.

funny. humans.


qsg said...

Sometimes I think that its total "kalyug" and then I think of the Mughal history and how siblings killed each other for power, or the English history for that matter. Jealousy, hatred, greed - well the deadly sins have been around as long as mankind has been around. I guess the key is to play defense!

Phoenix said...

yes, they've been around since the human species debuted on earth. but whats changed is the constant spotlight on all the deeds, thanks to all forms of media today!

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