Saturday, June 24, 2006

gems, that came my way...

Everything in this world into which there is only one way to arrive,
but so many ways to leave,
that it makes us different people.
A public place, this world, and one doesn't always know
whether this is what is called a room, and whether this room
is growing darker, by gusts.

- Paavo Haavikko (Finland)

I've stayed here; haven't bothered to go
or come either. Sometimes I've wished
going and coming would end.
But ending is like beginning -
a going and a coming. On his deathbed
Meister Eckhart was asked by his acolyte:
'Master, I have to know, where are you going?'
'No need to go anywhere,' Eckhart said.

- Mirrka Rekola (Finnish)


qsg said...

Great great stuff - loved them both - one way to come and multiple ways to go...! And truly, how we go is what makes us unique... interesting...! good stuff...

Phoenix said...

isn't it?! we're all on our own in our comings and goings...its that simple and that profound!