Monday, June 05, 2006


am lucky i have the man i have.
we fight like mangy dogs, have slanging matches, have very different ideas on quite some things, have frosty periods of can't-stand-being-around-you, trample each other's collective set of nerves and ligaments, drive each other out of the roof. he is not perfect, and I am not even near the zone...opposites in quite some ways...hes dishy and i'm just about human to look at (on my bad days, even that is a feat to achieve).

theres a tiny bit in me he can't reach, ditto with him...that adds to the brew. it would be so boring if we knew each other to the last particle....i can't stomach ppl saying that they know each other inside out..that makes me claustrophobic....its like subsuming your 'I' into this larger organism...there shd always an 'I' the 'We' can flourish. Space is vital.

Taking each other for granted, familiarity means the death of relationships...atleast in my book.

We started out as friends and that remains the base for all times. Our coming together for life was quite incidental and rather like last minute swerving...that we had soft spots for each other inside was a given though. Ppl at work were rather shellshocked with the announcement of our engagement...a friend was almost shattered...they thot we were just hanging around with each other..that was funny! :-)

We acted on impulse driven by the hots for each other and life unfolded - the script changed.


qsg said...

Come to think of it, you never told me how the whole thing unfolded. Will call you one of these days to discuss.

Just the right kind of relationship. I can't stand claustrophobic, I am stuck to you kind of relationships! Reminds of the DHL Sons and Lovers - Union vs Fusion discussion!

I also believe the best kind of relationships start with friendships! :)

Oh well...

Phoenix said...

you bet, atleast you know you have a buddy to share your sunset days with,when all the other frills die out... :-)