Saturday, June 17, 2006

so, will it be tharoor or the thai, or the srilankan or the korean? pakistan as usual ready for the "me too or else" routine. the SG or the permanent seat. choices, gambles, stakes.

passive euthanasia...right to live and die on your own terms...with dignity. sticky subject for some. a no-brainer for others. active euthanasia, stretches it further.

a major squall, hailstones, rain in sheets, the wind going wild yesterday evening. today its a lovely overcast cool morning...waiting for the rain and yet not, cos once it does, the sun will be worse.

no rain, the sun's out...bummer.

mahajan jr shaved and scrubbed holds forth, i am innocent. yeah right, even tho the CFSL report says lots of interesting stuff in his innards...even tho, the zaroo guy who now says he was tortured let the whole bunch of cats out of the bag on day 1 of the breaking news itself...oh well, it will all be forgotten soon after many more damage control exercises and cover-ups. another day, another scandal.

wonder where all the missing/ gumshuda people are...ran away, eloped, abducted, killed or wandering around mentally unhinged? the strays that just vanish into oblivion.

'omkara', 'corporate' - seem to be promising flicks...


qsg said...

It was a beautiful day here - rained also to make the evening maha romantic ! :)

i am so bored of this mahajan story - totally irritating!

Phoenix said...

totally agree. omkara seems exciting...othello, the earthy desi version.

qsg said...

Othello...hmmm...interesting! :)