Tuesday, June 27, 2006

...hanging by the coat-tails of a thought that is in a hurry to leave.

i feel like hugging the inventor(s) of aspirin/dispirin to bits... a day ago, had a monster momma of a side headache the epicentre of which seemed to be my right eyeball...the tremors were red hot...lots of stuff to do, people to attend to...popped one and kazoom, was at my genial best with nothing of the throbbing left behind. and what could have easily been moronic small-talk gibberish was actually intelligible. nothing short of a miracle, i say.
seems innocuous enuff, but being the melodramatic hag, i have to pump it up a few notches.
whats life without a lil drama...masala all the way.

tune in head - 'coconut woman is calling out...'...an old one from the crannies of the past...:-)


qsg said...

That's why I like you - you are as big a drama queen as I am! :)

Phoenix said...

:-D all the world's a stage, buddy!

ME said...

yeah and wat's life without a little headache too!!!:D

Phoenix said...

me - seriously, a glorious headache makes you see life in different colors! :-D