Sunday, June 04, 2006

suddenly, for an instant, i missed being a kid.

having two 'best friends', meeting up during the lunch break at school, the swings, make-believe games, huge fights, sulking patch-up sessions, secret notes, giggles, sharing secrets, candies, icecream, books, p-js, the crushes (oh SO MANY), devouring books, sports, schoolbus journeys, picnics, school farmhouse, laughter uncontrolled spontaneous. lost innocence. friends at home...yak sessions, walks, playing detectives, chhuppan-chhupai, oonch-neech ka something, chain, races...dreary tests and homework...the boys in my class...the bad uns and the nerds...wonder where they've all vanished to.

8th A :-) the best part of school...9th B, 10th B...

being grownup isnt fun like that...the fun's more conscious and deliberate...more sophisticated. more wary and with conditions and riders.

'this used to be my playground...'


qsg said...

kya yaad kara diya! Those were good days, man! Life was so simple!

Phoenix said...

yes, for a minute there i missed all that terribly...back to grownup land now :-)