Friday, June 16, 2006

thots, some

we grow older and wiser. its a good thing. acrimony, hostility, stress is replaced by cordiality and even likeability. the essential factor remains space. respect the other's Otherness. as close as we can get to miracles.

Time is the great healer, the great leveller. Life a bitch, the greatest teach anyone can ever have. No bunking her classes or talking back to her.

Attitudes change, people mellow and don't mind sitting near each other on the same bench. is it a realization of the finality, the ephemeral nature of it all? or are we all basically decent creatures couched inside all the opinionated noise.

its a human instinct to be liked and to like. some extend that to a huge mass, some restrict to a few and some like themselves too much to bother with the rest. i kinda identify with the last of the above-mentioned. Maybe am wrong, and the way the rest perceive me is as the first or, more likely, the second.

am fascinated and amused by how seriously ppl take themselves, striving to be be cool...not reply to mails, smses, calls, no time for a smile, walk about looking highly busy and be so 'with it'. i guess that makes me like the queen of uncool. and i kinda like that :-)

fakes, prigs, pompous asses amuse me too. i like observing them and dissecting their being with my scalpel, all strewn out on the table. and once i lose interest, i just sweep the bits away into the trash can.

bullies just plain irritate me. i have no interest in knowing what kind of a dysfunctional childhood they had or the medication they are on.

i would have been a good criminal psychologist i think. or a psychiatrist. the dark gritty side of the psyche...the underbelly of sanity as we label it. maybe next time.


qsg said...

I think we just get more superficial as we grow older - too concerned about how the world perceives us!

Phoenix said...

hmm, can't say thats ever really been true of me. but an occasional dissection for the sake of education, why not.