Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Spewing some...

Fixing leaks, html tweaks
Images appear, once the path is clear

I've got myself a deadline
By the time the light shows
Hope I don't end up flatlining

Roobaroo roshni
Echoing through the walls

I evade, I blog, I flickr
But return thou must to the editor

This is really pedestrian poetry, neighbor's moving furniture upstairs
The heat creeping up
DO I really care?

Words falling over each other, 'don't shove' says one, its a stampede, yells the other.
My head is a glorious mess of loose ends and to-dos.

Telephone rings, a friend, a quick conversation
Rush rush bye-byes

The page waits, stoically.

My tea's getting cold.


Ms Burden said...

Sooory, but I will steal this poem of yours and I'll paste it on my spot... is it yours???

qsg said...

gooooood stuff, man! love the stampede of words...

Phoenix said...

Hey laila! Its mine, totally! :-)Thanks, you will?!! Wow.

qs.g - thanks much! genuine outpourings of a frazzled head :-D

qsg said...

dude, where you are?

Phoenix said...

hey buddy, was totally swamped with work and home stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

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