Tuesday, April 18, 2006

ja oder nein

so, medha patkar ends her fast. the SC delivers a safe, p.c., if temporary verdict, not ruffling feathers on either side. can't resist but wonder, what if all the injustices and crusades end, where will she and her ilk hitch their'fast'wagon too?...not to take away from her single-minded devotion to the underprivileged...but the only time we hear of her or bahuguna or any other messiah is when they fast...really need to know if they're actually do anything else besides anshan!
Maybe they are and the media isnt interested in anything apart from the current terrorist act-scam-scandal-celebrity news...its all abt TRPs at the end of the day.
clever chap, modi, used the same desi home-grown weapon and feels like a winner too. read that a displaced farmer got 24 hectares for his land from the state govt but wanted better ones and got them too...!

can't remember when I guffawed my posterior off, last. most of the stuff i read, see, listen to is just titter-worthy or at best a mellow gurgle.my stress-buster remains takeshi's castle on pogo...but it isnt the same without the jaffrey element.

archbishop of canterbury's planning events to coincide with the d.v.c movie...the world resolutely remains divided on almost all issues.

Sex and money will never get outdated.

The human species is getting closer, the globe's folding up in a bigger way than before...all thanks to blogs, photologs, podcasts etc...much like blogs, stuff onflickr and deviantartand other such virtual community spaces pretty much represents each of our individual personalities...we all want someone, in some corner of this world, to share our angst, see what we see,and most importantly, like us and be like us! Its a bit like the idea behind SETI except turned inward, STI maybe.

I must shut up. now.


qsg said...

Whats the scoop on Mr. Amir Khan? Saw he is joining the bandwagon too...!
I just think the terrorist attacks are on the rise, and the government needs to get its act together. How many more innocent ppl will have to die before these guys stop. I am getting tired of these fights for religion - for crying out loud, Gods can take care of themselves - and they would never want us to kill each other in their name! Ridiculous!
See Wedding Crashers - you will laugh your head off! Too funny!
totally agree with the world converging - strange we find comfort in complete strangers - sometimes almost pathetic!

Phoenix said...

aamir's plunged in purely on emotions, i think...brave of him, he doesnt seem to be the usual publicity-hungry celeb tho!

ur right, all this bloodshed in the name of religion or ideology (the red army's taking over the interiors of India) is just plain stoopid...there is just this one Unseen that they're all fighting over and they don't seem to know it!