Wednesday, April 19, 2006

people continue to not surprise me. they haven't changed much, though i've ascended chronologically. now I observe clinically and detached, once I did not.

am dying for some rain...think it did, in the middle of the night. can smell the remains in the wind blowing.

A Study In Red - Grey

Red balloon in a grey sky
Floating to meet the winds

Rain, no rain
Where do the clouds melt to?
Tempt and mock my heart
Wretched cloud-sirens!

I wait to taste the rain on me.

song playing in head - 'i'm a rock'


qsg said...

abbey dilli ki rain - all i get here is the Boston rain and it is so cold, God forbid if you get wet.
Really like your style of writing...very Alannis... :) almost - some Eliot influences too!

Phoenix said...

wow, thanks! ya, theres something mast abt the rains in apna desh, just not the same anywhere else, I think...

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »