Friday, April 07, 2006

heat and puke

'April is the cruellest month'. Definitely, mr.E. The heat's killing already...can almost hear the leaves groan and shrivel. The roads look exhausted,going on forever.
Birds, squirrels etc ransacking our balcony looking for water, a drop even - the stupid things refuse to see the bowl I've kept on the ledge for them. Maybe they're drained it already - should go look.

Read a classic piece of psychophantic drivel in the city section of the TOI today by some film critic fellow - subhash k jha. To paraphrase him, lata mangeshkar is a goddess, a living monument who has every right to hold a city's govt to ransom and stop any kind of development. That people who have dared to resent her opinion (?, i thot more like an ultimatum) have blasphemed and should know better. Hell, I think he hates the fact that she has to pay taxes!...if she does. That she is not a mere human like the rest of us, blah blah. I mean she was good, the nightingale etc, but the way he went on about her self-effacement and humility. Give me a $%^$^% break. Everyone knows how shrewdly she worked on her monopoly in her heyday...sweetly yanking back amazing singers like geeta dutt and her own much-more- versatile- and -still- rocking sis into the shadows...and to be frank, she really needs to retire into the dark green woods, her voice isnt as easy on the ears as it used to be.
This kind of unabashed idolatry, coming from a supposedly educated refined cineaste, I almost puked into my cup of chai.

But at the end of the day, to repeat a wise one I heard ages ago, 'opinions are like ***holes, everyone has one'.


qsg said...

Makes me sick to my stomach too. If she weren't spending all the money on the rocks she wears in her ears and not living this grand lifestyle, I would understand...! But, she is a professional, is making money off her talent / skills and I don't think she is in any way different from me. I pay taxes - she pays taxes - we all pay taxes - *crying* - now I shall go do my taxes! :-(

Phoenix said...

'ours not to reason why; ours just to do and die'...sigh...

qsg said...

Naah - our job is to always question and ask all the right questions!!! :) Thomas Beckett style!