Friday, April 28, 2006

collective unconscious

pretty sad abt kaavya's mess. 19 and screwed up bigtime. she didnt have to. could have just stuck to her own wordplay. immature, unintentional, whatever...plain foolish.
and what abt the publishers - have they heard of anything called editorial review which also includes checking for instances of plagiarism.

but am thinking at a real basic level isn't everything just a regurgitation of what has been said, written, thought about forever. say i read something brilliant somewhere or see a great pic and the next time i write or take a picture, i might be unconsciously evoking the other. a word, a tune, a color used artfully, just the way a poem's been crafted.

maybe not totally and not word to word as ms.viswanathan seems to have done in so many passages. what was she thinking?

i mused abt it in an earlier post.


qsg said...

Agreed...thats exactly what I was thinking when I was reading about the kaavya issue. I haven't read the passages to see how similar the two are, but the key thing to note - both the authors are laughing all the way to the bank...meteoric incresae in their sales ranks at Amazon!

Phoenix said...

her book's been withdrawn from the indian mkt too now...not a good way to begin your career. some ppl might think, well shes infamous, but still, famous!

haRee said...

i was shocked that the media here covered it big time. her story was followed several times in The New York Times and heard a quicky talk about it on a very respected (and superb) public radio station NPR. the book was pulled to avoid lawsuits, a real threat. feel sorry for her and not. i just hope she survives and gets beyond the the thrashing she got from the media and all the publicity. she will be a true 'phoenix' if she arises from this mess and writes a best seller:-)

Anonymous said...

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