Friday, April 21, 2006

a journey, inside.

am I ...

a private person / an extrovert?

A. I would say, the former - subtly but acutely so. though, and this, my pop-astrological-gyaan tells me, my leo ascendant lends to my back-slapping, brash and make-pals-in-every-alley quality.

vain /wise?

A. I would love to say wise, but I humbly realize my ego still hasnt learnt not to swagger.

patriotic/ an evolved soul, dismissive of borders, a nomad at heart?

A. I would say the two are subsets in the same set...we are part of this huge human commune. asians, africans, hispanics, caucasians, all carbon-based organisms that copulate, defecate, ingest thru similar set of orifices.
but fact remains, that like my parentage defines me without holding my 'Me' down, my country does ditto. I can be a global citizen, travel extensively, learn languages, connect with people from anywhere at a basic level, melt into the relevant fabric and maybe not come back for aeons, but my being an Indian remains in the very carbon that makes me up.Could be social conditioning, whatever. The dressing remains buried within layers of sophistication, education and xenofriendliness.
And it will remain so. Unless some crusading we-are-one-species cult decides to pluck all the newborns from neo-natology deptts all over the globe in the next minute and nurture them in a cocoon suspended in mid-space, away from latitudes and longitudes.

a pathetic softie/a hard-as-nails bitch?

sane/ in the grey zone? again sticky territory - sanity and its inverse are social constructs. madness must be the consequence of sanity climaxing into itself.


I realize, these do not in any way make a difference to the poor seals getting clobbered for their skins in canada(?) or the dam thats almost damned in gujarat.

I plead self-absorbed, as usual. The case rests.

Hmm, one thing I do know is that I cannot make myself like karan johar's yuppie-candy flicks!! - Eureka, after all then!


qsg said...

My findings:
1. Definitely a private person. Definitely NOT an introvert.

2. v and w...both - not that vain though, but enough to sometimes want me to tear my hair out! ;-)

3. nomad at heart, I think!

4. wannabe bitch - actually a softie!

5. Definitely mad - as mad as they come, but that's what makes you!

Phoenix said...

:-D thanks for your notes on my glorious exercise in self-investigation, bud.
Vanitas Vanitatum, yaad hai?

qsg said...

abbey totally yaad hai. I find myself saying it in my head all the time! :))

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » »