Wednesday, April 26, 2006

a friend.

she has to be the oldest 'friend' I have.
and I do not have many that have stuck on through, moulting ace that I am. I use the word 'friend' loosely, as it should be.

given the odds, its remarkable that we still ping each other, across oceans and continents.

we have met once in f&b, and that was a rather gone-by-in-a-haze meetup. we think and speak in different languages tho we have adopted the other's language to communicate. same species, different races.

what started out with verbose letters (we were 'met up' to master the other's language) and pictures and postcards and girly things has filtered down to a card, postcard, pics, an odd package, a quick mail.

but everytime i think, well, haven't heard from her end for long, maybe shes finally dropped off the face of the planet, she returns.

one of the few constants in a world of variables. two decades is a long time...shes just got married and it makes me happy n sentimental in a corny way.

we may not know each other inside out or even connect in the same spots, but the fact that we have kept this silly fragile but strong as steel bond going, makes us 'friends'. touch wood and God bless her.


qsg said...

Congratulations on her wedding! Great stuff - always nice to have friends that date back two decades - one of the bonds that needs to be treasured, and is! :)

Phoenix said...

thanks, bud! its a funny kinda 'friendship' but much-cherished :-)

Anonymous said...

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