Sunday, April 02, 2006

Radhe radhe!

Met a funny chap today - the young punditji of the Shiv puja we attended at our neighbor's. All of 19, or so he says, rather garrulous and wit-a-second. Full of wisecracks and a salty wisdom. Nothing holier-than-thou abt this priest. He was quite unapologetic abt how he teased his faithful or how he diverted water for his temple from the official water source.
For some reason, he thought me the ripest to regale with his anecdotes, while offering quick-fix solutions for the little queries the others threw at him abt when they could move into their own place etc..
How he can gauge a person by their feet, how he made an acquaintance own up to pinching his stuff by making him bleed from the mouth on eating a handful of rice as proof of his misdemeanor, and how he stopped the blood with another handful.
How he helped one of his faithful in taming his shrewish wife who now follows him around like a lamb. We had a great laff at that!
He called his bike his 'Radhe' and cribbed how he had to part from her at the gates of our aptt complex, unwillingly. We thought he'd never stop, but well, definitely a relief from some of the usual staid preachy priests that drone forth on such occasions...God bless him and his enthu. :-)