Saturday, April 01, 2006


I lurve well-made critter, disaster (Americans saving humanity), horror, aliens-invading-the-US flicks...I just love shrieking and jumping and getting all pumped up, nothing remotely cerebral abt the experience. Maybe my way of getting in touch with the 5 year old me deep down.
Saw one after ages in its totality, last night on cable tv...had bookmarked the time, all agog. AVP is good. Tho I think the producers caved in and decided to make the A-loyalists happy by inserting that unexpected stowaway on the P ship. 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend'...kitschy but oh so cool :-) Missed the popcorn tho.
I totally love the original Predator flick...all those testosterone-bloated guys, beefcakes led by Arnie fighting the unknown smarter element...'Any time'...all those one-liners.
Even spoofy ones like 8-legged freaks, or the gory ones like jeepers-creepers has me happy happy...whats life without a lil imbecile fun, hunh?!


qsg said...

Abbey... I love mindless, stylized movies like Bond and other let's save the world movies. But the likes of Jeepers Creepers etc totally creep me out - and the Eight Legged Freaks totally freak me out - I pass on those...but love larger than life hero movies...:)

Phoenix said...

Really?! I just love them man...but they have to be well-made, and convincing enuff for me to willingly suspend my disbelief.. :-D

Anonymous said...

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