Monday, April 17, 2006

coming up for air, and

Have to get this monkey off my back - this project thing thats almost done...the last bits hang on, maddeningly. Then theres another waiting in the wings to be born, reborn, rather.

duran duran's 'come undone' pops in. i remembered liking it. still do maybe, somewhere.
'who do you need, who do you love when you come undone '...
used to be quite into music - songs, lyrics...had them pat. have been rather detached from for quite some time. besides the odd stuff on mtv etc...but dont really mourn it, either. maybe someday.

my niece's 13th b'day happened...with her closest friends and us the family hanging around at a safe distance at a joint...her gang seemed so cool and clued in...thought abt when i was 13 and totally tomboyish, gangly,clumsy and whacked-out...hmm, i think i had more fun than she did...minus all the trappings of faddish clothes and accessories and teen must-do hype- she'll disagree, totally, i know! but shes not silly and superficial like most...devours books, has an overactive imagination and really funny n smart....God bless her!!

should get my ole nose back to the grindstone.

meter down...!!!


qsg said...

this is so weird - I had Come Undone pop into my head (not exactly, it was on a show) - and I was missing it myself! uncanny!
chal keep working...cheers!

Phoenix said...

wow...thats like telepathic, hmm!

Anonymous said...

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