Monday, March 06, 2006

back on blog

lots of stuff happened since my last post. the world changed, mine too. bush came and went and posed pretty at purana qila. we sealed the deal, the bubbly flowed. i will get paid for my last project in a day or two, finally. Might get some more work soon. Am in a funny between-projects phase. the feeling of balancing on the edge of the pit, before getting all dirty. Once i'm in, I am in.

still haven't plunged into the books I have. Inertia. saw the oscars in the morning today. nothing that i felt deeply about. same goras and their antics. the laughter on cue, the faux pas on cue. the same cleavage and hair swept up....sameness.

saw two desi film award shows...same stuff, same sho-sha. same rani mukerji dressed like a cake-doll, thanking all n sundry, in her overly saccharine way, yash uncle, amit uncle, jaya aunty, bunty bhaiya, dhobi bhaiya etc. and that chap bhansali sauntering up with his poor mom in tow, thanking the same ppl everytime and the movie's pseudo-profound bg music played out on cue...eesh. i loved how vidhu chopra yelled 'wonderful' everytime he announced a 'black' winner,,,the sarcasm was hilarious. the johar chap and his blatant and highly moronic pyschophantic spiel on 'king' khan...puhleeeeze! maybe hes in denial abt RDB. Give me aamir any day.

yesterday was a sad and bizarre day. the sadness was incomprehensible but spot on. an indelible part of my childhood, that sepia toned chapter of life. he was a good man, a lovely human being. wish I had met him then when he was fine and he could have met her too. Unfinished.

the bizarre stuff was funny...getting mistaken for the actress. poor guys.

tomorrow's another day.

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