Friday, March 10, 2006

the weather's

done an about turn today. Grey with just a hint of thand. What was fast turning out to be a premature summer in our parts. Might go back to its hot n bothered self in a day or two.

The overcast sky zaps that lovely ditty from 'anubhav' to mind: "meri jaan mujhe jaan na kaho..." sigh, black n white flickers. a young and handsome sanjeev kumar and a lovely tanuja...the rain softly accompanying...

Or the entire mood of 'raincoat'...poignant.

Time for chai.


qsg said...

hopefully you got some pakoras with the chai, on the jute manji - did you go to Lala's? ;-)

qsg said...

Happy Bud-day buddy! Hope you had a good time!!!! :)

Phoenix said...

Lala's, wish I could - woh zamaane toh gaye. :-) no pakoras, just pure unadulterated chai and lots of rain...bliss.

Thanks for the wishes, bud...was just another day. Hope to make up some for that today.