Friday, March 24, 2006

'The One and Only'

Addwaitya, 250, died on Wednesday. A bachelor, a vegetarian with very basic needs. A mute witness to two centuries rushing in and out leaving behind a trail of people who were born and died, regimes, inventions, governments, calamities, changing world order, progress, regress, cable tv and the Net.
An Aldabra turtle. This was a life.


qsg said...

That's exactly what I thought - wouldn't it have been cool if it could speak. Must be some quirk of nature that only creatures that cannot communicate live to go across centuries - but it would be cool to span centuries and generations like Bhishma Pitamaha - on second thoughts, though - naaah, will be really tiring!

Phoenix said...

Absolutely. I'd rather go for the return-thru-the-ages-in-different-guises routine. More fun that way...if I could keep a journal thruout, that is.