Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Stowing away some stuff...

The Inventory

An old scar,
two scraps of paper,
a forgotten tune.
A pebble
and a red thread.
The rain drums a note.
I close the lid.


Sidewalk Vignette

One mangy mongrel napping on a mound of yellow leaves,
Another saunters by, sniffs the spot and curls up to sleep.
First mangy mongrel opens and rolls an eye,
Thinks to himself, what an impertinent creep.


Sunday, 7.17 AM > a 55er

She shrugged. He winced, this wasn't good.
"I didn't like it, thats all", he said.
She stared through the grimy glass, the smoke her veil.
Was this the end, then?
The door creaked open, people straggling in for the breakfast special.
The waitress ambled across.
A fly buzzed on the windowsill.
He ordered more coffee.



Jerry said...

thank you for stop by my blog. i'll be not online for 9days. see u.

Phoenix said...

Nice of you to drop by. Have a great time!

qsg said...

back to your original style of writing - was missing it! Good stuff!

Phoenix said...

thanks qs...just some random stuff I'd written recently...