Wednesday, March 08, 2006

where political correctness goes thru the roof

'baa baa rainbow sheep'!!! indeed, what next?! ppl getting all ridiculous in trying not to offend where there was no offense meant in the first place.

yesterday two or was it three blasts in varanasi, one in a hanuman temple during aarti. Mindless bloodbath, some poor ppl gone to worship and end up dead or limbless.
NDTV anchor tried hard not to say the "H" word...saying instead it was an attack on India not any religion. Y aren't they ballsy enuff to say that yes it was an attack on Hindus...its getting really farcical the way the media, national und international, side-steps any sticky report on injustice/assaults on Hindus! Rajdeep sardesai of CNN-IBN tho was almost spot on when he said that the calm prevailing in other Hindu areas showed the grit of the Hindu civilization...but a second after he said it, he seemed a lil sheepish like wow, shd I have said the H word?

If we as Indians can condemn attacks on all the other religious groups, why not the H group?


qsg said...

I don't think it was an attack on hindus. I am getting tired of separatist forces pitting one community against the other! It started with the British rule, and we can't seem to be able to shed the British legacy! Unless we ignore the separatist forces, India will never be able to progress. This is an attack on the economy to cause instability...mindless, bloodbath! I am tired of it - will this ever stop!

Phoenix said...

sweetheart, we're all one ppl and this was an attack stemming from the just sealed deal etc...but when a community is attacked in its place of worship, you need to be ballsy enuff to go out and say that...whether its Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Tutsis, Masais or Zoroastrians. What I'm in a lather abt is ppl mincing with words so - the annoying political correctness of it all. Guess you didn't get the drift of my diatribe. And I wouldn't worry too much if I were you, India will and is progressing, despite such events.

Anonymous said...

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