Thursday, February 23, 2006

The lady's blind...

not impartial. Jessica's killers breathe fresh air and are free to kill more. Justice.

Only in our country, can such a monstrous act occur and I am not talking abt the deed itself which was horrendous enuff. Letting it drag on for years and then wham, dismissed!
In other not so high-profile cases, the accused and the plaintiff and their relatives and their pets get old, and die, while the case lives on in dusty crumbling files. Justice

An old man in a village beat his neighbor up 44 years ago. He was released a day or so ago, his mind blank, his old wife (who'd remarried and was widowed by it) confused and his old foe-victim happy to have him back from the dead, the insane, the prison (synonyms these). Justice.

Salman Khan kills blackbuck, kills a laborer while inebriated and his bald look's being talked about. Justice.

And we say animals are way down the evolution chain?

To digress a bit, time for another look at freedom of speech, this time in the developed world. David Irving faces 3 years behind bars for denying an event.

Have to stop now. My mind's just abt to pop.

Heres a pic I took some days back. Kinda liked it. Those are moths under the light...or are they machchars? hmm...