Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mixed feelings...

Good stuff happened. The One Above hears me, I think. Thank you. :-) Just when I thought.

Stuff not happening or stuff crawling, well, I steel myself and say theres bound to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Is it me or is it just the circumstances? I could get all masochistic n say, its me, boo hoo but it isn't.

Well, I'm going to hang on till the rope gets frayed and I know one way or the other.

Wish I could just merge into Oswald's cushy happy world. Henry, Daisy, the egg bad people. Quirky ones, yes. And hes what every kid shd aspire to be...kind, generous, brave, helpful and happy. A true friend. And Daisy's all ditsy n happy and loud, happy on her own and with ppl. Henry, the eccentric one, whos stuck in his groove. and... I can't believe it, I'm getting all mushy abt O and the gang. :-) Shes to blame.

Well, all I need is one plum meaty chance and that shd keep me busy.

Am getting prepared to get rather bored and out-of-sorts the coming days. I know I'm being mean, but can't help it.

Saw seinfeld after ages. I just love that gang. Friends is more cute and happy. Always with each other...Curb your enthu was another show i liked.

Anyway lemme go do something...

Till then.

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