Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Odds and ends

Google - the chinese version. A let-down. Et tu gugu. Yahoo! helped the Chinese incarcerate a blog-tivist! Incredible
Dhoni bludgeons their bowling to death.
Cheney gives a reason to guffaw. What a perfect veep for the American peep.
Shiva Keshavan, the neglected champ. When oh when will we learn?
Clemenceau still waiting to get a toe in. 11 deer dead in Byculla.
Dilli - Ab garmi door nahin.
Arcelor still hangs in the balance.
Toon madness continues. Tissues with Lord Ram's image and Southern Comfort's Durga with bottles.
One man's humor, another man's blasphemy.
Wonder what Armin Meiwes has to say about all this. For him one man's meat is well, his meat. Morality, religion, ethics, sensitivity, sophistication....all pretty manmade constructs. Scratch the surface, and theres a beast inside.


qsg said...

Leno and Letterman are having a field day with Mr. Cheney... I mean who shoots an attorney?!!! Hopefully, the guys is fine - I still cant get over the fact that the guy has gone thru four bypass surgeries going hunting!

Phoenix said...

last heard, the guy's had a minor heart attack. I don't think cheney's going to be in a hurry to hunt birds or ppl for sometime...

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